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  • Barrier Gate BS-6306
  • Barrier Gate BS-6306
  • Barrier Gate BS-6306
  • Barrier Gate BS-6306

Barrier Gate BS-6306

Technical data:

Power supply:

220V AC 50Hz / 110V AC 60Hz

Max. length of Boom: 

5 Meters

Time of Up/Down:

1.5S ( for 1.2M)

3 S ( for 3-4M)

6 S ( for 5-6M) 

Working environment:

-40 - 50

Protection class:



1.-Oval shape boom with red and green LED light

2.-Red and green led light by side

3.-The traffic barrier is widely used for the facilities of parking, traffic or toll system.

4.-This type of barrier could match with LED boom.

5.-Advanced manual release .

6.-All the process is soft without any noise and shaking. 

7.-This barrier gate has many input terminals for photocell, loop detector, toll gate system and output terminals for lamp.

8.-Housing color: yellow,red ,blue,orange,white (optional)

9.-Boom arm direction can be chosen leftward to rightward.

10.-Suitable for cold environment.

11.-Controlling way :wireless or wiring multiple push button for OPEN,CLOSE,STOP function.

Dimensions for type BS-6306:

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