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Bisen Smart Access Co,.Ltd was established in 1999, located in NanChang, China.We are the biggest professional manufacturer of barrier Gate China for the parking management system and its equipment, gates, and door automatic operators in China. More than 70 experienced engineers are engaged in R&D team, and more than 500 employees are working in the manufacture and supply service department. We are also known as the most trustworthy barrier door supplier; we can provide quality products with the best ODM / OEM service for customers.

Our main products: Parking system Auto-barrier door, Garage door opener, Roll up door opener, Swing door opener, Sliding door opener, Industrial sectional door opener, Anti-terrorism road blocker, Hydraulic bollard, Pedestrian gate, Entrance control system, and barrier Gate China

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  • Business Vision:

    To become the world's leading supplier of intelligent management equipment and solutions.

  • Corporate Mission:

    Create value for customers and build harmony for society.

  • Core Values:

    Open, tolerant, honest and enterprising.

  • Business Philosophy:

    Have core technology, manufacture high-end products, dedicate high-quality services, build a well-known brand.

  • Management Objectives:

    Management Informatization, Production Automation, Product Intelligence, Brand Internationalization.

  • Team Culture:

    Commitment, Honesty, Success.

  • Quality View:

    Without quality, there is no dignity.

  • Learning View:

    Learn to make yourself strong and make your business strong.

  • Talent View:

    It's a genius not to make mistakes, it's a talent to make mistakes, and it's a fool to add mistakes.

  • Responsibility View:

    Responsibility comes from duty, responsibility comes from duty and accountability comes from dereliction of duty.

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The Highly-Efficient Swing Gates

Swing gates are the efficient gates that close and open automatically with the help of hydraulic, electronic or mechanical devices called swing gate openers. Swing gates decrease the need for humans to close and open the gate, and are gradually becoming a mainstay in shared facilities, such as airport terminals. Industrial advances and the need for mechanization across different industries is driving swing gate adoption. Here are all the points discussed that proves the high efficiency of the swing gates. Swing Gate Flexibility Swing gates provide flexibility to different applications in a variety of settings, such as in transportation hospitals, hubs, and for military and industrial uses. For example, doors and swing gates are beneficial for controlling who arrives an airport terminal line, a military facility or industrial warehouse. These smart automatic gates can also be used to manage traffic in major subway stations by opening only when a fare is paid. Swing Gate Security Passenger security and flexibility is essential for airport terminals, plant facilities, military spaces, homes and other shared spaces. Swing gates are beneficial for offering security and protecting individuals against intrusion. For instance, swing gates can also be used to prevent “fare hoppers” in festivals and metro rail stations or at subways and other large events, or for halting authorized automobiles from accessing personnel parking lots. Additionally, these smart automatic gates won’t hurt the passenger. This feature helps decrease potential liability problems that may arise. Swing Gate Manageable Maintenance Cost Swing gates have a progressive return on investment in contrast to standard doors and gates because of their long-lasting construction. For example, the swing gate opener is very durable because of their robust material. They can also function in a variety of climates, nonetheless of whether the temperature is low or high. These qualities make them convenient to maintain and decrease maintenance costs over time.

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Premium Quality, Leading Barrier Door Manufacturer

Bisen is the premium level, high quality, and most sophisticated barrier door supplier, headquartered in China. We provide more than just parking management solutions. We have been working to provide the most innovative and most reliable products accentuated by durability and longevity. That is why we are also called the top-rated China barrier manufacturer and supplier. We provide the top quality and most technologically advanced products to our customers; one of our hot selling and the technologically advanced product is barrier Gate China. We have everything readily available at your most preferred process, from having the most reliable and ultra-durable barrier gateway accessories to gate openers and door sliders. 

Customer Satisfaction Our First Priority

As a premium quality wholesale barrier manufacturer in the international market, we achieved this reputation over the years of providing the best quality barrier gate China products at the most optimal and budget-friendly prices. We have been working domesticated and closely with the customers to understand their needs and requirements, thus, to provide the best quality end-product that is backed up with reliability and durability. We believe in gaining customer satisfaction and trust by providing them with the best quality products. In this way, our customers come back to us for their future needs as well. We believe in creating long-term professional relationships with our customers.